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Armguards or Bracers can be a very beneficial piece of gear when shooting a traditional bow. Flinching at the shot caused by string contact on the inner forearm can result in loss of accuracy and severe bruising, putting you off shooting altogether. Armguards can also be used to keep bulky cold weather clothing or loose fitting hot weather clothing out of the way, avoiding string contact and inaccurate shooting.

All our armguards start off as a standard functional design, which are then decorated to the level you desire. As standard they are hand crafted from genuine 3.2 mm full grain leather, embossed with the eye catching Marksman Quivers logo, stained and fully sealed.
An adjustable shock cord, cross over fastening system, is used to secure our armguards, with antique brass fasteners and eyelets throughout.
Breather holes run full length down either side of the armguard to help keep trapped body heat to a minimum.


Fancy something different?
If you want to stand out from the crowd, Choose from the options below to customize your standard armguard.

Add two length, of decorative Appliqué in 3mm Kangaroo lacing and colours of your choice, which run full length down either side of your Standard armguard.

Braiding Options

Edge braiding
Finish both side edges of your Standard armguard with attractive 3 loop Spanish edge braid of 3mm Kangaroo lacing in colours of your choice.


Product may take upto 5 weeks to complete. Please see Terms and conditions for more information.

Colours Brown / Black
Braid colour Brown / Black / Tan
Fastening Cross over elastic shock cord, over antique brass stud.
Hardware Antique brass
Mounting options Left / Right forearm

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