About Us

Marksman Quivers was created by Owner/Designer Mark Pitts to bridge the gap between his passion for bowhunting and his keen interest in leather craft. Mark left his home in England (where it is illegal to hunt with a bow)
and moved to Australia in 2008, So he could pursue his ever growing passion for bowhunting .
Being brought up hunting and fishing, he soon took to his Australian surroundings and with the resources available to him he started crafting his own traditional bowhunting gear.

“As with many traditional bowhunters, I could never decide which quiver to use in the field and I tried many styles from Cat quivers to traditional back quivers and hip quivers. When I moved to Australia I was using wood arrows and a leather back quiver that I had made, as I loved the romance of the bygone days associated with this setup. But once used in the field i arrived at the conclusion that although it has its place, it was not going to suit my hunting needs. With this in mind I started looking into bow quivers. After having a simple bow with nothing mounted to it, I didn’t like the bulky designs of many bow quivers available or the less than sturdy construction of others, so I set about crafting something that met my own design criteria. I wanted something not too heavy with low profile mounting, that was quick release and of a modular design, to be flexible for all hunting situations encountered in the field. It also had to be built with quality in mind, so it would stand up to the harsh environments it would be used in.”

And thus after varied trials and changes, Marksman Quivers was born, bringing to life a
Modular Quiver System for the carrying of hunting arrows in all hunting situations.
We will continue to focus our efforts into the development of this line of products so you can better enjoy your time afield.