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Build your Side quiver from the options available.

If you prefer to carry your arrows somewhere other than your bow, then our side quiver may be for you. Ergonomically designed to carry your arrows close to your body,

Our side quiver uses the same universal hoods and grippers as our bow quivers, making them function as part of our modular quiver system.

This is a brief description of the parts that make up our Side quivers.

Base plates are cut from 3mm thick aluminium, then hand finished and anodised matt black.  We press into a convex shape to mold around your body, reducing interferance and aiding in stability. The convex shape locks into your hip/thigh area creating a unison between the two, instead of an addition that rides on top rolling back and forth on your body as you walk. A stud on the rear of the plate gives you the option to lock the strap into a position allowing the quiver to resist  the lever action of the arrows, keeping the quiver at a more usable 45 degree angle.

The body of the plate is wrapped in 2 x 4 meter / 13.123 feet, lengths of genuine 7 strand, 2 ply black 550 paracord for comfort and utility. Para cord has many uses in outdoor and survival situations. Hoods and grippers attach to the base plate via anodised hex screw fixings for easy adjustment, fitting and removal.

Shoulder strap is easily adjustable in length, from 95 cm / 37.41"  to 182 cm / 71.65" to allow for different body types and quiver placement.

Hoods are crafted from genuine leather for a more traditional look and feel. Hand moulded and stitched then dyed and sealed inside and out for a quality and weatherproof finish, these are filled with light weight  high density memory foam.

Grippers are made from box section aluminium which is machined then hand finished and anodized matt black. There is a 3mm genuine leather Spacer attached that is dyed brown/black to match the hoods. A black rubber insert that comes in two hole sizes keep your arrows in place. (Both sizes are supplied with your side quiver)

Click here to learn more about the individual parts of our side quivers and purchase extras, to build up a system that covers all your hunting needs.


Product may take upto 5 weeks to complete. Please see Terms and conditions for more information.

Colours Brown / Black - Base plate: Black
Hood - number of arrows (Recommended)

4 / 5 / 6

Click here for more information on hood sizing.

Gripper - Number of arrows 4 / 5 / 6
Gripper - Shaft size

Large: 6mm - 8mm OD / Small: 6mm - 8mm OD

Click here for more information on shaft size.
Modular compatibility


Mounting options Left / Right side of body
Mounting angle Horizontal to Vertical
Quick release Yes - From body
Custom fit Yes - Strap length and angle

5 mm hex key / Instructions / 2 x 4 meter / 13.123 feet,  lengths of genuine 7 strand 2 ply black 550 paracord.

See individual parts

Click here for individual parts.

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